The Department of Continuous Education at UOITC has completed training courses in e-management for human resources, Windows Server2012 and ASP.NET with the participation of a group of employees from the Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of Higher Education, the Department of Studies, Planning and Follow-up, the Ministry of Finance, the Central Financial Censorship, Al-Rafidain bank and the Ministry of Culture.

The E-MHR course, which lasted for 5 days, aimed to introduce to participants the importance of electronic management of human resources, the requirements of applying it and its role in providing information and data with the required characteristics as soon as possible to take appropriate decisions within the organization. E-MHR contributes in reducing the waste in efforts of human resource management through quick implementing of administrative work and the way of applying it.

Windows Server 2012 course which lasted for 10 days learned the participants how to take advantage from the tools and skills of the system in network management, server management, the networked computers and the users of these computers.

While the course of ASP.NET which lasted for 25 days aimed to learn the participants skills in designing and programming websites in an interactive manner and providing the trainee with high-level skills using ASP.NET and Visual Studio environment. The code and design in ASP.NET are separated through Code Behind and characterized by (IDE, large code library, ready tools, multi used languages).