Within his continuous and diligent work, UOITC president the Prof. Dr. Abbas M. Al-Bakry visits the labs of postgraduate applicants.
The president of the university inspected the progressing of computer and English proficiency test for the postgraduate applicants in the department of continuous learning in the university, this test and according to the instructions of research and development department in the ministry of higher education and scientific research as one of the postgraduate requirements in Iraq, noting that the department of continuous learning is the responsible center in the university for doing the test according to specified and organized dates as two times monthly.
Al-Bakry emphasized through his visit on the necessity of preparing and providing all the requirements for performing the competitive test for the postgraduate applicants in computer and English language because of its importance in the admission and accepting the students in postgraduate courses, noting that the continuous learning department that is linked with the university presidency and all of its employees prepared the labs, halls and computers for this task as well as time schedule for performing the English and computer tests for the applicants in the postgraduate study.