The college of Business Informatics in the University of Information Technology and Communications held a session on running interactive electronic class and its importance in conveying the curricula in the best way possible.

The college formed a team headed by lecturer Tamara Zuhair, and the membership of lecturer Ahmed Raheem and engineer Amer Kadhum to create all the requirements for successful interactive classes. Tamara Zuhair, lecturer in the department of Information Systems Management, presented a lecture on how to set up an interactive electronic class which enables the teacher or the lecturer to control and supervise the lectures and the different experiments done by the students by the teacher’s computer completely. The college has more than five interactive classes.
The importance of interactive class program lies in presenting services and teaching styles through advanced technological means used in many countries around the world. Through the main computer ( the teacher’s computer), the teacher can watch all the students’ computers and participate with the students in their work and experiments through the teacher’s computer, in addition to reviewing lectures and syllabus along with his experiments on all the students’ computers.
29032017 02The presenter showed various features of the interactive class including : enabling the teacher to manage the class or the laboratory completely, the ability to close the students’ monitors by the teacher to attract their attention. There is also the feature of banning information transformation or using USB or CD.
The program also contains “chat” feature for chatting between the teacher and the students as well as displaying students’ desktop content and their activity on the teacher’s computer. There is also the whiteboard feature that is the teacher can write on his computer in the program and his drawings or writing will appear on students monitors. In addition to many other features which enable the student to interact with his teacher in a funny, easy, and more active way.