The College of Business Informatics in the University of Information Technology and Communications held a seminar concerning how to prepare and analyze exam questions. It was presented by Prof. Sadiq Alfayadh , a teacher in the University of Baghdad- College of Nursing and was attended by a group of the College of Business Informatics’ teachers.
The seminar aimed at changing some of the old scientific habits invoking new scientific rules and systems to improve education. The presidency of the University of Information Technology and communications and the College of Business Informatics consistently preserved to include preparing and analyzing exam questions for all grades in the agenda of electronic education and educational systems.
The presenter illustrated the importance of preparing and reformatting exam questions. He pointed out that the educational process does not reach full integration and accomplishes the professors and the educational process leaders’ goals without the existence of a scientifically based evaluation . This evaluation is capable of improving the quality of education as an integral part of the efforts paid to ensure the quality of the academic outputs.
The seminar also discussed the importance of the questions tests to be displayed on a prioritization administer who measures the level of students according to the level of the tests, so the tests become an evaluating means. Also not to include questions with a cultural nature between the strata of the society, avoiding humor in them, and that they must be empirical for the undergraduate levels.