The head of the University of Information Technology and Communications, Prof. Dr. Al-Bakri honored a lecturer from Businesses Informatics Collage, assistant Lecturer (Alaa Hamza Humran). He gave her the University Shield on the occasion of receiving the medal ALECSO phones applications in Emirates.

The lecturer participated in the activities of ALECSO second edition in Iraq Award Phones Applications in 2016 in Emirates. She presented “network security home” or “smart home” application, which includes a home remote control and monitors the status of doors and windows. The application has sensor that detects the degree of home heat in cases of combustion, in addition the application can monitor a specific movement from 3 to 7 meters, and the possibility to detect if there was someone close to a certain distance of a particular place in the home. It is sensitive in case of children and avoid their arrival in dangerous places. It is home remote control via the internet rather than the GSM by applying the Android system it was developed individually and support systems of kitkat.
It is noted that the system has been the experienced on a local surver and add some simple sensors and advanced adoption HTTp method to send system messages to the local server and the project will be developed later to support the technology and RFId keypad and electronic web.