Basing on the directions from the ministry of Higher Educations and Scientific Research, the UOITC organized a solidarity pause with ministry of the youth and sports for asking the International Union (FIFA) to finish the ban on the Iraqi stadiums.

The University president Prof. Dr. Abbas M. Al-Bakri and Business Informatics College dean Dr. Safaa O. Mahdi participated with a number of departments administrators, lecturers, employees and students in this solidarity pause that asked the International and Asian unions to lift the imposed prohibition on the Iraqi sport and stadiums.

The University accommodated through this solidarity pause the international player Karim Sadam and a number of members of governing body for the sports club Al-Zawraa who praised the introduced efforts by the UOITC; presidency, lecturers, employees and students as it is scientific university but participates with athletes in their valid requests.
The Prof. Dr. Abbas M. Al-Bakri emphasized on a necessary cooperation among all Iraqi people for asking to finish the prohibition and restrictions on Iraqi stadiums which characterized by the presence of infrastructure, competencies and skills enabled the country to participate and win many trophies whereas the (football) is one of the factors of popular national unity and cohesion among the people.
From his side, the international player Karim Sadam praised in the role of the ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research specially of the UOITC and its solidarity pause and explained the role of the ministry of youth and sports and the federation of Iraqi football and their quest and large efforts for asking the FIFA to finish the ban on the Iraqi football and what the country owns of stadiums capable for hosting international tournaments.