The Department of Student Activities at the University of Information Technology and Communications received the creative shield. It gets rank 2 in the Second Annual Festival of Poster and Photography. This festival organized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research\ Supervision and Scientific Evaluation Department of the Student Activities Department. The festival held in Kirkuk University from 2 until 4 /5/2017.

The participation of the UOITC in such festivals under the patronage of the President of the University, Prof. Dr. Abbas Mohsen Al-Bakri and the supervision of the head of the Department of student activities, Dr. Imad Kazem Kaabi and the participation of creative and talented students. in order to raise the name of the university in the festivals and events that are organized by the ministry and are sponsored by Iraqi universities.

Ali Mahmoud Faraj from the Faculty of Business Informatics participated in the third phase of the Department of Information Systems Management in the photography competition. He ranked the second. while a student from Kirkuk University ranked the first. More than 17 public and private university have participated in the festival.
Prof.Dr. Al-Bakri assured the importance of supporting talented and to encourage the spirit of creativity for students in such competitions and festivals. He presented his thanks and interest to Students Activities Department and to the winner students.