The UOITC convened a scientific seminar about the reality of education in Iraq included presenting theatrical show.

The department of research and development and post graduate study in the university organized the seminar that included two lectures, the first one introduced by the lecturer Keyan R. Qassim who concentrated on how to positively exploit current scientific and technological development in the world in developing the education and learning level of the pupils and depending on another learning ways except the schoolbook.

The aim of seminar is to prepare leaders can train the teachers of the first, second and third classes on the recent ways of teaching and education, and also can convey to them the findings of the world in the fields of education and the importance of that in building the new Iraqi society after the period of the past years.
It also was concentrated on a university education and initiating the university principles, traditions and customs that considered one of the important factors in the educational path. One of these customs, developing the educational guidance in colleges in the way that the colleges can save the students against intellectual and moral invasion and against following other cultures and developing the volunteer work of students and motivating them to participate in various activities and events held by the university. In addition to developing a sense of responsibility towards the public property of the university and its facilities as well as urging the lecturers to develop themself scientifically by continuous acquaintance.
The lecturer Nashwan D. Zaki introduced the second lecture that included introducing theatrical show by a number of students to describe the deterioration in the reality of educational education in Iraq and ways to improve it by creating a generation can change educational future and can carry the right message to rise up in the reality of educational education in the country.