The Department of Continuous Education in the University of Information Technology and Communications finished a number of professional courses in websites designing which lasted for twenty five days.
They included several topics in Java Script, HTML, CSS, and PHP. A group of employees from the parliament, the ministry of Finance, federal audit bureau, and studies, planning and fellow- up directorate. In addition to the University employees participated in them.
HTML, CSS training course aims at teaching the participants website designing languages through different programming languages. While Java Script training course aims at teaching the participants the skill of adding special effects to the web page written in Java Script which can be used in different applications. It can also be edited, modified, published and be used in controlling the different parts of the web page.
04052017 2Finally, PHP aims at teaching the participants the basic skills needed to work with PHP Programming Language. PHP is a programming language designed basically to be used in developing and programming website applications , as well as to be used in creating independent programs.