President of University of Information Technology and Communications convened the Periodic meeting with University lecturers and Instructors

The President of UOITC, Prof. Dr. Abbas M. Al-Bakry, held a meeting with the faculty staff to discuss the administrative and technical needs and matters within the university.

The meeting focused on a number of points, the most important of which are: the discipline in the official time, providing suitable situations for students, compliance with the issued administrative orders, as well as encouraging the participation in the annual conference of the university.

The university president emphasized that the university lecturers as well as the rest of the staff must be an anagoge for the students in terms of commitment with the official time, emphasizing on the importance of exploiting the times of work to serve the university.

Dr. Al-Bakry called for the importance of containing the students and supervising them by the lecturers and forming circles and groups between the lecturers and students to achieve rapprochement between the parties scientifically and socially.

The university president stressed that the projects of graduate students should be meaningful and beneficial to the society in order to raise the scientific level of the university as well.

Al-Bakri touched on the annual scientific conference of the university to be held in October of this year. He called on the university’s lectures to take part in it and emphasized on the necessity of the success of this conference, which will be held under the Springer the international publishing house. Pointing to the importance of research to be of high scientific value.

The Scientific Assistant of the President of the University, Dr. Jane J. Stephan, Dean of the Faculty of Business Informatics, Dr. Safaa A. Mahdi, and Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at the University, Dr. Sinan A. Naji, made several notes in order to improve the scientific and administrative level at the University.