Rehabilitation, Employment and Follow-up Division Holds a Seminar on Job Search Strategy

The Rehabilitation, Employment and Follow-up division in the University of Information Technology and Communications established its seminar-tagged job search strategy. The seminar was aimed at the students of the fourth stage of the Faculty of Business Informatics. The seminar was delivered by the division manager Dr. Mohammad Qasim, in cooperation with the teacher Ali Abdulkarim and Dr. Rqaya Jawad. The seminar discussed the modern ways of looking for a job and how to prepare a well thought out plan to identify specialized companies to apply for their vacant positions and to provide the specialized skills and expertise in the field of programming and ICT needed by companies in recent times. The seminar focused on the investment of skills and participation in training courses and development in the field of web design, network security, information encryption and programming languages ​​as well as electronic programs that may require telecommunications companies, banks or security institutions. The symposium added that the reason for this concern lies in the fact that this area occupies a large space in the work of all specialized and non-specialized companies through the integration of traditional routines complex to fast, reliable and accurate electronic services by issuing reports and details of work and other services that contribute to the development and improvement of the work of the foundation and its role in improving the society.