Student Activities Department Participates in the Fourth Festival of Fine Arts and Applied Arts

The student activities department at the UOITC participated in the fourth university festival of plastic and applied arts organized by the Universities of Missan, Southern Technique, and Al-Manara College of Medical Sciences with the participation of various Iraqi universities.

The delegation was led by Dr. Imad K. Al-Kaabi, Head of the Student Activities Department and the assistant lecturer Mohammed Abdulrahim, and the student of the Faculty of Business Informatics\ Information Technology Department\ third stage Mohammed A. Salem.

The festival included 300 paintings, handcrafts, sculpture and painting, including the arts of sculpture and painting of all kinds, coal, oil colors, ceramics, ceramics and calligraphy, as well as the fact that the joint works should be new and have never been shown. The works are authentic and reflect the Iraqi environment, folk heritage and innovation in the use of different raw materials. In addition to the proficiency in the embodiment of the idea and the beauty of the public presentation and arrangement and organization, it is worth mentioning that the number of competing universities amounted to 32 government universities and a private colleges.

The festival aims at revealing the students ‘abilities in presenting the works and their interest in the diversity of the arts and the care of students’ talents in the fields of plastic and applied arts and their keenness on the technical consistency between the elements of artistic achievements.

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