The Department of Quality Assurance and Academic Performance organizes a scientific symposium on the graduation projects and its importance to the quality of education

The Department of Quality Assurance and Academic Performance at the UOITC organized a scientific symposium on graduation projects and its importance to the quality of education.

The seminar, which was attended by the university president Prof. Dr. Abbas M. al-Bakry, a number of university lecturers and students of the fourth stage of the Faculty of BIC college in the departments of ISM and BIT to introduce the importance of graduation projects in achieving the learning outcomes of the scientific department. That will prepare the students to work in the field through adopting projects that address real problems, which leads to the development of skills and the ability to work within a team to resolve the problems related to different disciplines and the importance of projects in the provision of documented evidence to the accreditation parties on achieving the targeted learning outcomes.

The seminar also tackled the determinants of the educational output of the university so that the educational output should be measured with the goals of the university in conjunction with achieving the requirements of the labor market and its developments, the most important of which is developing the skill of the graduate student and finding solutions to labor market problems and implementing them through the academic, research and technical outcomes.

The seminar, which was held by Prof. Jamal A. Othman, Head of Quality Assurance and Academic Performance Department, focused on the need to identify the views of the fourth stage students and their experiences in the preparation of research projects either through the work teams or individually and in accordance with the scientific curricula developed by the university.

The symposium was enriched by the remarks of the professors and the students to come out with recommendations that will develop the mechanisms of implementing the student projects so that the students can achieve the objectives of graduation projects