The National Classification Project for Universities

The Subcommittee on the University of Information Technology and Communication, which is responsible for explaining the national university classification project forms, discussed the university classification forms 2016-2017.

The committee, which is headed by the Department of Quality Assurance and Academic Performance, which consists of the scientific departments in the faculties and the department of scientific affairs, studies and planning, headed by the university for the purpose of preparing for the national classification of Iraqi universities. They discussed the forms of classification prepared by the Scientific Supervision and Evaluation in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

The purpose of this meeting is to identify the main purpose of this classification in order to find a sequence of Iraqi universities where the location of each university is based on the degree obtained. These forms deal with a large number of sub-axes and a certain calculation for the outcome of the evaluation of the university

The evaluation process includes scientific research, conferences, symposiums, academic programs, cultural and entertainment activities, and the preparation of students, teachers, infrastructure and internal departments. It also includes the preparation of the teaching staff, the scientific structure of each department, and the number of published or accepted papers at international or local conferences and the voluntary activities organized by the faculties or the university presidency.