University Of Information Technology and Communications held a Scientific Symposium named “How to Start Deep Learning”

UOITC held a Scientific Symposium named “How to Start Deep Learning” attended by a number of department heads and staff at the university.

The symposium, which was held on the main hall at the university, aimed at pointing to the importance of learning about “deep learning” in modern applications. Whereas a summary of its definition and challenges was presented and examples of the institutions that use it were presented.

The seminar included an explanation of the difference between the Artificial Intelligence and the modern applications from on side and the classical methods from another side and applying it in international companies such as “Google, Facebook, and Microsoft.” The seminar also presented the modern algorithms used with Deep learning, Tenser Flow, Caffe and how to start working In this regard, the seminar also explained the steps of working in this area in detail.

At the end of the seminar, it was also presented the linking between the artificial intelligence and the reality of work in companies and government departments as the university is specialized and interested in such subjects that these institutions need.

The seminar was introduced by the Assist. Lect. Laith S. Al-Zubaidi at the Information Technology Center, who answered the questions and inquiries of the attended lecturers and employees of the university staff.