UOITC Celebrates Mother’s Day and Iraqi Women’s Day

The presidency of the University of Information Technology and Communications celebrated the mother’s day and the Women’s Day in honor of Iraqi women. The celebration program, which was sponsored and attended by the President of the University of Information Technology and Communications Professor Dr. Abbas Mohsen Bakri , included words and poems appreciated the woman as a mother and sister, wife and colleague in addition to the distribution of roses and certificates of appreciation. In his speech, the university president congratulated all women and mothers, especially the women who presented an example of the highest sacrifice and altruism, the wives and mothers of the martyrs, and called on all women and teachers to do more in the public interest. For her part, the assistant president of the university for scientific affairs, Dr. Jane Jalil Astefan said in her speech on this occasion that all religions have urged the equality of women with men and love and kindness, adding that the Iraqi women accompanied men in the hardest and most difficult circumstances in the country and helped him, Socially, culturally, politically or other fields in which we find women becoming an indispensable part of them. Then there was a poem to one of the students of the Faculty of Business Informatics talked about the greatness and sacrifice of the Iraqi mother who offered and still do a lot, then the President of the University honored the teaching staff and the university staff by giving them certificates of appreciation and roses on this beautiful occasion and wishing them a blessed Eid. It embodies the role of active women as a key element in building society.