UoITC Organizes a Lecture on Mobile Phone Applications

The University of Information Technology and Communications organized a lecture on mobile phone applications.

The lecture aimed to identify the importance of building applications necessary for the lives of individuals and communities and linking them to the Internet by adopting the various software facilities provided by electronics companies in the world.

The lecture included the definition of basic terms, how to build applications for Android smartphones using the Androis Studion program, addressing the Java programming language in light of the successive developments and global competition in this field.

The lecture dealt with comparison of the operating programs of the electronics companies and how to deal with the method of the websites in the receipt, processing and presentation of the data. The lecture also addressed the tools necessary for the establishment of the applications both in terms of the graphical interfaces and the placement of the components or the availability of the languages ​​used in the treatment and the types of databases suitable for use with this type of application.