A Business Informatics College Student Participates in a Training Course in IoT in Sweden.

A participation award was given to “Ameer Haytham AbdulAmeer”, the student in Business Informatics College in UoITC, for attending a training course in IoT in Stockholm, Sweden within “Dom 2025” initiative.

An IoT contest was initiated by Media and Communications Committee, in cooperation with Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Ericson and Zain within “Dom 2025” initiative, for the students to gain skills and enhance capabilities for jobs in both public and private sectors.

“Ameer Haytham AbdulAmeer” was chosen to be among the top 10 students form many Iraqi universities, where they shall be trained in Ericson Company HQ in Sweden for 3 months in summer 2019. They will be enabled in advanced communications, information technology, and devices manufacturing.

These contests and training courses aim to make academic curricula in line with the market needs in applied and technical jobs.