Associate Professor Hussain Abdul Redha M. AL-Wazzan has obtained a patent from Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control for designing and implementation of Dust Sensor & Warning System.

The patent has been granted as a result of equal participation between Dr. AL‒Wazzan and the Dean of Technical College of AL‒Mussaib Dr. Ali Abdul Abbas A. AL‒Bakri.

The system uses sensors to measure the dust levels in the air of Baghdad 24 hours / 7 days a week to give integrated data about the weather conditions and the ratio of dust and plankton.

An Arduino Uno microprocessor and dust sensor were used to measure the intensity of dust, then the required data processing be performed via sending a mobile text message.

The advantages of the system are characterized by its capacity to alert people about air pollution in real time as well as ease of use as a result of mobile availability and the low cost of sending a message