A Seminar on Job Search Strategy

The Rehabilitation and Employment Division at the University of Information Technology and Communications organized a seminar on job search strategy.

The seminar, which was presented by the Director of the Department of Student Affairs , Dr. Mohammed Qasim, Head of the Rehabilitation and Employment Division and Assistant Lecturer Ali Abdul Karim, stressed the importance of focusing on job search in the private sector. He explained how to build plan followed graduation to apply for the job, In addition to selecting the tools needed for it.

The seminar highlighted the old and modern methods used in the search for jobs, including newspapers, television channels, the Internet, social media, job fair, advertisements, customers, telephone and conferences held by friends or employers.

The seminar also focused on the importance of writing CV, qualifications of the applicant and interview skills, as well as highlighting the strengths and skills acquired through the training courses, writing the application form in a distinctive manner and the expected results of the applicant’s work in the company.

The film talked about the skills that a student must have before applying for a job in the private sector, from which information about the history of the company and the services it provides must be investigated, what new ideas may be passed by the graduate to develop its services, the answer to the questions of the company manager that confidence and credibility of the most important qualities desired by private sector companies.It is worth mentioning that the symposium was attended by a large number of students of the University of the fourth and third stages in order to benefit from the information presented.