A Workshop to Introduce Cyber Security Team for Women Program

A Workshop took place in University of Information Technology and Communications in cooperation with (Sat Gate for Communications and Networks Solutions) in order to introduce the new program of Cyber Security Team for Women.

This program aims to enhance women’s capabilities in Cyber Security, which is the first of its kind in Middle East so far.

An online test was made for female students that consisted of questions about Data Security, which gives an idea about their varied levels of knowledge, where results appeared on screens directly.

The second stage was to involve the female participants in a training course on different techniques in Data Security through specialized teams for each university, which included 28 lectures mostly for practical skills.

This free workshop was organized and announced by (Bridge Gate Organization), member of the Industrial Advisory Board between the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Job Sector, in cooperation with (Al Nahrain Center for Strategic Studies in Prime Ministry Board), and attended by a group of female students from Business Informatics College along with Qualification, Employment and Follow-up Section in the University.