An Electronic Credit-Based Modular System Designed by UoITC will be Applied in 7 Governmental Colleges.

A new electronic system for applying Modular System was designed by a programming team in the University of Information Technology and Communications. This system is planned to be applied experimentally in 7 colleges.

The program was designed and executed by a group of processors within the university’s staff members, headed by Dr. Ahmad Abdulsahib, Head of Media Technology Engineering Department, and directly supervised by Dr. Abbas Muhsin Al Bakey, President of UoITC.

The team was assigned by The Department of Studies, Planning and Following Up, in Ministry of Higher Education, to set the system up in 7 colleges in different universities, in order to collect notes about the program’s behavior and make necessary improvements.

The system was elected among many other presented ones, for its better security than others’ and more sophisticated reports generated for degrading number of faults made by students, instructors or supervisors.

This new system will be applied in (College of Medicine, Al Kufa University), (College of Engineering, Tikrit University), (College of Sciences, Al Qadisiyah University), (College of Science foe Girls, Baghdad University), (College of Engineering, University of Information Technology and Communications), (College of Sciences, Al Basrah University), and (Electro-Mechanic Department, University of Technology).