Chess Tournament Competitions

The Department of Student Activities at the University of Information Technology and Communications participated in the Chess and Ground Tennis Tournament organized by the University of Technology, the University of Digla and the University of Esra.

The Iraqi Universities Championship started with two chess games for male and female students on Sunday at the university’s stadiums and technology halls with a distinctive participation of 43 universities and colleges.

The student Mohammed Abdel Nasser won the six rounds of the three days, where the student won the silver medal in races, and also achieved the student Sri Shehab Ahmed winning in five rounds and the equivalent of one round and won a bronze medal.

The results of the team of the university, which is a number of students is a draw with the University of Karbala result (2-2) and loss to the Faculty of Rafidain (3-1), and in the competition of students tied our University with Kirkuk by a point and a half points each and beat information technology on the Faculty of Zahawi (2) -1) on the first day of the tournament.

In the second phase of the competition, the team of university students lost to the college of Degla with a score of 3-1 and the team tied with the university pen college (2-2). The university students lost to Diyala students by two and a half points against half the point, Team with Al-Manara College (1-1).

The delegation was headed by Dr. Imad Kazim Al Kaabi, Director of Student Activities Department, who received the shield of participation and assistant lecturer Mohammed Abdul Rahim Fadl Mushrafa, and the membership of Mr. Falah Hassan Abdul Amir and Ms. Eman Ghazal Hassan, the administrative delegation.

It is worth mentioning that this tournament is under the patronage of His Excellency the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and under the supervision of the Department of Student Activities of the Supervisory and Scientific Assessment Authority. It is held from 9-13 / 3/2019 with the participation of 43 universities and colleges.