Dr. Abbas Al Bakry, President of the University, has attended to the conference as a chairman for one of the sessions that was titled as (Legislative Failure in Fighting Illegal Earning in Iraq), which was a part of rhe 3rd annual scientific conference in the committee of decency.

The session that was chaired by Dr. Al Bakry consisted of 4 researches as follows: (Legislative Failure in Fighting Illegal Earning in Iraq) presented by (Asst.Prof. Dr. Khdayer Al Maamouri), (The Effect of Media in Supporting Censorship Offices to Fight and Weaken Corruption) presented by (Dr. Ghalib Kadhim Al Daami). The two other researches were titled in (Towards the Understandings of Zero Corruption in the Iraqi Environment), and (The Role of Judgmental Authorities in Applying Procedural provisions for Refunding Public Money), respectively.

The conference was attended by Ministers’ Deputies of Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Higher Education, the representatives of many holy shrines services, many universities’ presidents, public inspectors, superior managers in the committee and the federal financial censorship department, a number of deans and lecturers, and many researchers.
There were 64 papers accepted in the conference, proposed by different governmental offices and national censorship authorities, which investigated the role of judgmental authority, censorship offices and social organizations.