Head of Media Technology Engineering Department participates in three training workshops on national software accreditation

The Head of Media Technology Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering at the UoITC participated in three training workshops on national accreditation programs.

The participation of Assist. Prof. Dr. Ahmed A. Hashim, head of the Department of Media Technology Engineering as a trainer in these workshops as a member of the Iraqi Council for the adoption of engineering education in Iraq.

The training workshops attended by the deans of the engineering faculties in Iraq, the heads of the engineering departments and the people of quality in the faculties of engineering included a definition of the national accreditation program and the national standards and their conformity with the ABET standards and the importance of accreditation and how to fill out the RRW forms and the forms of the self-assessment report (SSR), and how to write and evaluate the outputs and statistics, tables and documents required to be available and the schedule of the expected completion and the steps that follow that till getting national and then global accreditation.