In Representing the Iraqi Universities Dr. Bakry Participated in the Training Program Team of Cyber Security for Women which was Held by the Ministry

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, in cooperation with the private sector, has launched a special training program for the Cyber Security Team for Women (the Dom Initiative). The program, implemented in cooperation with the private sector and under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Authority of Media and Communications , aims to support the empowerment of women through training programs for 40 participants and for two months in representing the universities of Baghdad, Nahrain, Technology, Iraqia, Information Technology and Communications, Al-Ma’mun, Al-Rafidain and Al-Mansour.
The program was attended by the President of the UOITC, Dr. Abbas M. Al-Bakry, representative of the Iraqi universities, indicating on the importance of these activities for the program of sustainable development as well as the fourth revolution, which is a “informatic revolution” and the possibility of developing a mechanism to protect data as well as dealing with open data and The special program for universities and the development of special colleges curricula in this direction.

Dr. Al-Bakry said: “The University of Information Technology and Communications is the main forum for ICT activities at the level of Iraqi universities, noting that the University has adopted a series of conferences, workshops, seminars and training programs, and has partnered with private sector companies in the field of information and communications technology, (Bridge Gate).
University president also said “Our university has been instrumental in supporting digital transformation programs at the governmental level, as well as sponsoring the ongoing program of digital transformation within government institutions.