The Faculty of Business Informatics Holds Development Course for Its Cadres

As part of its ongoing efforts to develop the skills of teaching staff, the University of Information Technology and Communications organized a development course for its cadres entitled “Analysis of Personal Patterns according to the MBI Index”.

The course was held in cooperation with the Department of Intellectual and Cultural Affairs of the Holy Abbass Threshold. The course was led by Mr. Saif Al-Bawi from the Technical and Administrative Development Unit of the Scientific Division of the Department. “This development course was conducted under the Myers- (MBTI), as each personality has a set of traits, effects, and habits that control and influence them.

Al-Bawi added that “these basic axes of personal analysis are the doors or keys or ports for each character. The process of mastery provides the ultimate and best goal for the achievement of the most important scientific communication in our lives; to reach effective interaction with others to achieve achievements at the level of teaching, Training, skills transfer, advertising, marketing, etc.

The course lasted for five days, interspersed with practical tests to identify all the different types of personalities, and they were divided according to this indicator to sixteen personalities were reviewed each character, its specifications and environment, and how to deal with them.
At the end of the course, questionnaires were distributed to the participating professors, which included a variety of questions about methods of analyzing personality patterns, as well as their opinions on the use of this course.