Participation in a Scientific Conference in Ukraine

A group of The University of Information Technology and Communications trainees participated in the International Conference on Information Systems and Technology in Medicine, held in the Republic of Ukraine at Kharkov National University of Radio Electronic.

The team included the Assistant to the President of the University for Scientific Affairs, Dr. Jane Jalil Astifan, Dr. Mohammed Qasim, the head of the Department of Student Affairs and Dr. Saif Qassem, the head of the Department of Studies and Planning.

The research focused on modifying the model of artificial neurons to develop solutions, find usable software functions and meet the customer’s requirements to create an integrated information system based on a functional software base that passes through several equations and possibilities to find solutions that satisfy the interested parties.

The research has also been carried out on the possibility of finding the functions of managing the sources of institutions by searching the database which consists of (2000) software functions through the neurons.

The researchers were able to find results that were related to the requirements in addition to the information system is applied in a period of time while reducing the financial costs and software cadres and to obtain a product with high efficiency