The President of the University Holds an Extensive Meeting with The University’s Lecturers Staff

The President of the UoITC Prof. Dr. Abbas M. Bakry convened an extensive meeting with the staff of lecturers on the occasion of beginning the second semester.
The university president emphasized on the importance of implementing the governmental program related to Iraqi universities and qualifying the researchers’ status by taking care of the mechanism in selecting the publishing houses in order to save the scientific reputation of Iraqi researchers. He called on the staff to exert more efforts in the field of scientific research and participating in conferences at the local, regional and global levels as well as publishing their researches in international journals to raise the level of the University among Iraqi universities focusing on the scientific sobriety of the university as well as the publication of researches in journals that fall within the Scopus or have impact factor within the Thomson Reuters.

Al-Bakry emphasized on the role of the university lecturer as a fundamental pillar in building society and plays an important role in building an armed generation with knowledge and good behaviors. He stressed on transferring the lecturers’ experiences to the students to benefit from their scientific expertise.

Dr. Abbas Al-Bakry refereed to the necessity of understanding the students and dealing them with high flexibility in a spirit of love and respecting their talents to develop their skills through the contact between lecturer and student, Al-Bakry also paid attention to the commitment in ministry instructions regarding to the timing of lectures and interesting in the practical and theoretical sides of lectures.
He added that the possibility of making our university productive through designing and producing applications and electronic systems to the departments and institutions of the state that allow these institutions from using the automation to reduce the time and effort required in completing the work, and to reveal the errors and corruption to be a step in the right direction in achieving the government program of electronic government.