The University in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior Held a Symposium titled (together to combat electronic extortion)

The UoITC and in cooperation with the ministry of interior held awareness symposium in how to combat electronic extortion and cybercrimes. The symposium included two lectures were introduced by the major general Dr. Saad Maan (manager of the office of media and relations in the ministry of interior), major engineer Ehab M. Abdulrida (Criminal Evidence Division). The two lectures focused on how to secure the students and guys against the electronic extortion through the social media, smart phones and how to combat them. The symposium defined the cybercrime, types of crimes and hacking the official websites that belong to government institutions and departments. The symposium also focused on the need to educate the society as a whole specially the educated people about cybercrime and cyber extortion, which has recently increased. The elements of cybercrime have also been identified and motivated.

In addition, three awareness films and presentations were presented showing the methods of electronic extortion and how to combat electronic crimes, in addition to ask some university students to talk about experiences passed or heard by them.

Within the framework of joint cooperation, the symposium recommended the importance of synergy between the university as a university specialized in the field of informatics and security forces to stand together to fight extortion in advanced ways and work to create all the necessary requirements to reduce this phenomenon, as well as the use of specialized professors from the university to train members of the security forces in this field .

At the end of the seminar, the university president, Dr. Abbas M. al-Bakry presented the university’s shield to the director of the media and relations department at the Ministry of Interior, Major General Dr. Saad Maan, and a certificate of appreciation to the other guests.