UoITC held a scientific symposium on technological incubators

The University of Information Technology and Communications held a scientific symposium on technological incubators, which the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research seeks to achieve in Iraqi universities.

The symposium aims to explain the concept of technological incubators, which is to deal with a precise subject that requires diagnosis and treatment to develop solutions.Thus, it is becoming an integrated and comprehensive system for this precise subject. The technological incubator is an activity that helps researchers and innovators to promote a new idea from laboratory or experimental to production or investment.

It also provides researchers and innovators with services, support and practical assistance in product development, finance, management, management and marketing.

The symposium also emphasized on the expected outcomes of the interaction between the education system in the public and private sectors.

It is the transition from the stage of learning and research to the stage of knowledge qualification and then to the stage of production (transforming the outputs of research into products in the market) and thus the culture of creativity in society.

The seminar also referred to the definition of scientific projects, namely, the establishment of a scientific body (a scientific department or some of the teachers or researchers) to study thoroughly a phenomenon in one or more components of the environment directly or indirectly related to the community, and to develop plans to improve or to eliminate thecurrent and expected disadvantages.

It is one of the most important scientific results produced by educational and research institutions, where the specialists in the educational institution play the leading role in the scientific project and must demonstrate this clearly and convincingly to all community institutions.