UoITC Held a Training Course on the Unified Iraqi Electronic Lib

The UOITC, in collaboration with the Research and Development Department and the Iraqi Computer and Informatics Institute presented a training course on the unified electronic library at the University of Salahaddin in Erbil.

The course was given by Shukr H. Jumaa from the UOITC to the central library specialists of the Kurdistan Regional Governorates of Iraq which aims to introduce the unified e-library project in terms of the structure of the project, its technical structure, the software and the services it provides. In addition to training participants on the use of bibliographic indexing and the entering of bibliographic information for books and papers according to the RDA and MARC21 standards.

The aim of the unified Iraqi e-library project is to standardize the bibliographic cataloging of all libraries in Iraqi universities, reduce financial costs and technical human resources, enable university libraries to exchange bibliographic information, and enable users anywhere to access the unified library once the Internet service is available.

At the end of this course, the central libraries in Iraq will operate within a unified system of office, in addition to providing participants with accounts within the entity of their central offices in the project.

The course was attended by the University of Salahaddin in Erbil, the University of Sulaimaniyah, the University of Duhok, the University of Zakho,
Mosul, Tikrit University, Northern Technical University, President of Library and Information Society of Kurdistan, and Library of Studies in Erbil Parliament