The Center of Continuing Education at the university held an electronic workshop entitled (Artificial Intelligence and its Role in confrontation of Corona Virus Covid-19).
The workshop was presented by the President of the University and specialized in the field of artificial intelligence (Prof. Dr. Abbas Mohsen Al-Bakri) and instractor at the Faculty of Biomedical Informatics (Assist .inst, Ammar Abed Rabba Skran), aims at sharing of artificial intelligence in the search for a treatment or to limit the spread of Corona virus .
The workshop touched on several axes including artificial intelligence, a driving force for knowledge exchange, artificial intelligence and forecasting to develop a pandemic vaccine, artificial intelligence to assist health care workers, artificial intelligence as a tool to control populations,
And finally artificial intelligence: an evaluation of its use after crisis.
The workshop recommended the need to pay attention to heading towards specific specialties and invest in the field of computers in general and artificial intelligence in particular in the medical field.
The workshop was presented by default through the free conference call program and with the participation of more than 2,500 participants from various Iraqi universities.

You can view the lecture via the link below: