The Center for Continuing Education at the university organized an electronic workshop entitled How to Be an Author and Reviewer in Clarivate Journals and Publons Academy.
The workshop aimed at how to be able to reach the researcher’s and evaluator’s stage in clarivate magazines, in addition to providing the most important advice to the researcher and the evaluator using the Editorial Manager system.
The workshop touched on the most important features offered by the Editorial Manager system and introducing researchers to Publons Academy, in addition to how the researcher graduated as a Peer Reviewer from the academy and obtained a certificate from them, enhancing the chances of his knowledge among the editors of scientific journals and showing his desire to be a evaluator of a particular magazine.
The workshop, which was attended by more than 1700 participants from various Iraqi universities, was presented by (Assist.Inst, Mays Abdul Hadi Al-Sharqi teaching at the College of Biomedical Informatics) and (Prof. Dr. Haitham Sabah Hassan teaching at the College of Business Informatics) and the workshop was presented By default through Free Conference program