The College of Medical Informatics organized a seminar on Internet of Things in Healthcare.
The seminar aimed to explain the concept of the Internet of Things and its areas of use and the extent of its benefits in areas of life.
The focus was placed on the areas of its use and its applications in the field of health care and the extent of its benefit, and on presenting the latest technologies used in the world in the field of health care and patient care.
The seminar looked over the difficulties facing this technology in terms of usage, privacy, amount of data and cost, as some of the difficulties are among the problems to be solved in the outputs of the College of Medical Informatics, for being the first specialized college of its kind in Iraq.
And among the applications that were presented during the seminar are (remotely patient follow-up, hospital management, blood sugar level monitoring, inhalers, medical lenses, smart watches for psychological diseases, early detection of cancer, Parkinson’s patients, robotic surgery, and medical waste).
The seminar came out with conclusions, including how to save the patient before his health condition worsened, and to provide accurate reports to the medical team to accurately diagnose his condition.