The UOITC announced the kickoff the first attempt of final Examinations of the second course of undergraduate students in all its faculties at 11/7/2020.

The faculties used different platforms to do the virtual exams according to the instructions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Iraq.

The BIC used Moodle platform and Zoom, COE used Google Classrooms and Google Meet for monitoring, while the BioMedical Informatics College used Google classrooms.

The university Chancellor Prof. Abbas Al Bakry announced that the university is step ahead the other diversities in the starting date of examinations, because the preparations of examinations in addition to its familiarity of dealing with virtual exams.

His talk was during his visiting and monitoring the exams, he also affirmed on offering all the necessary conditions for students success.

He talked to both students and professors about what concerns the the education and examinations during the pandemic of Corona Virus.