The representative of the Minister of Higher Education and the Ministerial Committee inspected virtually the progress of electronic examinations at the University’s Colleges
Dr. Ehab Naji, Director General of the Studies, Planning and Follow-up Directorate, as a representative of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and the accompanying Ministerial Committee, made a virtual visit to follow up on the progress of electronic exams in University’s Colleges.
After inspecting the exams and talking with students and faculty staff, the Ministerial Committee praised the fluency of the examinations management and communication with students.
On Saturday 11/7/2020, the University of Information Technology and Communications proceeded the final exams for the first attempt of the second semester 2019/2020, and it is considered the first university to proceed the final exams after completing all its preparations.
The Business Informatics College used the Moodle platform to conduct exams, while the College of Engineering used the Google Meet, Google Classroom, and Google Quiz Form platforms, while the College of Medical Informatics exams took place via the Google Classroom platform.