The University Council held an emergency meeting on Tuesday 21/4/2020 to discuss the mechanism for resuming official working hours during the partial curfew and the holy month of Ramadan.
During the meeting chaired by the President of the University, Dr. (Abbas Mohsen Al-Bakri), the colleges admission plan for the next academic year has been approved, and organizing the official working hours by by adopting the replacements system not exceeding 25% ؜ to continue performing the duties and performing the University services and in accordance with the decisions of the Crisis Cell.
The University Council agreed in principle to hold the annual scientific conference of the University remotely in coordination with the International Publishing House Springer, in addition to following up the performance of the lecturers to complete the curricula according to the electronic learning method and human interaction with students and encouraging them.
The Council urged University employees to launch initiatives commensurate with the current circumstance and to suggest methods for developing electronic exams in order to be more fair and reliable.