UoITC Council held its first session in the acadimic year 2021/2020 today Wednesday 14/10/2020. The session is headed by the Chancellor Professor Abbas Albakry discussed the preparations of this academic year 2020-2021 which will adopt the blended learning according to the instructions of MoHESR. The council discussed the subjects that their laboratories attendance by face-to-face education.
The council also discussed the assessment of the quality of Electronic Education, the Council discussed and approved the colleges recommendations. The Council also discussed the procedure of honoring the hired professors, pensioned staff, and the highest score students with keeping social destance.
The Council discussed the procedures of doing the competitive exams of post graduate students which will be held in the Informatics Institute of post graduate on Monday 19/10/2020.The examination will be held in the halls of the UoITC with keeping social distancing for health considerations.