UOITC Council held its electronic session headed by Prof. Dr. Abbas Mohsen Al-Bakri, President of the University and the presence of all its members.

During the meeting in which members of the Council participated, a discussion of the Ministry’s directives to complete the first course and preparing for the start of the second course according to the electronic methods used in colleges, in addition to a discussion Method of calculating the degree of pursuit according to the student’s activity within the electronic classes and related tests.
And also, it was emphasized on inviting university employees and researchers to propose initiatives in the concept of interdependence and the direction of the ministry, and to follow up the completion of statistics related to the conduct of studies using the means of E-learning according to the references requirements.
During the meeting, they discussed ways to accomplish April salaries and possible facilities for account employees to review the financial and banking departments and college preparations for the first course exam and the proposed methods, taking into account the decisions of the crisis cell.