The CDC in UoITC in cooperation with the general directorate of studies and planning and follow up in ministry HQ, the symposium deals with the current situation of education and the possibility to change to blended learning. The symposium is held under the guidance from his excellency the minister of higher education and scientific research Professor Nabeel Kadhum AbdulSahib who urged to adopt blended Learning to overcome the impediment caused by the pandemic of Coronavirus.
In the opening sermon, the vice minister of scientific research affairs professor Ghassan Hameed Abdulmageed said “Iraq succeeded with electronic education in spite of the exceptional conditions”. The UOITC chancellor professor Abbas Albakry said this symposium tackles the current and future situations facing education methodologies adopted by Iraqi universities. There are 22 scientific research papers reviewed by the scientific review committee consists of a number of remarkable experts of higher education. In addition, the chancellor said, there is a need to give more attention to practical education which consists of 25 -30% of whole topics. So blended learning is adopted to enhance the student’s abilities and skills.
Professor Ehab Naji Abbas the general director of studies, planning, and follow up in the ministry HQ said the symposium is one of the efforts of the ministry to use blended learning to enhance the quality of education given to students to make it competitive to international standards.