The University’s College of Biomedical Information organized an electronic seminar on bacterial contamination in government and emergency hospitals with the title hospital door knobs as a source of bacterial contamination: a study in Iraqi hospitals.

The lecturer (Asst.Inst, Zainab Salem Jaafar)submitted the seminar , in which the phenomenon of pollution in hospitals was demonstrated, by isolating and diagnosing bacteria contaminated with door handles in some local hospitals and studying the inhibitory effect of bacterial growth of some disinfectants, dressing the percentage present in them.

The results discussed confirmed that increasing the continuous use of door handles and without increasing the use of sterilizers by medical personnel, auditors and patients leads to an increase in the quantities of microbes and the majority positive for Gram-positive staining, causing various epidemic diseases.

Where the contamination rates of the handles were high and the bacteria were present at high rates, attention was drawn to the starting point of hygiene and sterilization more and more widely to avoid these problems that have implications for society.

The results of the study were the use of electronic doors without door handles, which is sensitive of user steps with no need to touch the doors and use autonomous technology for sterilisation which depend on autonomous sterilisation system for handles which is related with the doors handles . Focusing on the use of sterilizers and disinfectants in the correct concentrations and proportions and the side effects which is the result of the wrong use such as Respiratory tract infection , skin cancers, and other complications.