The College of Business Informatics organized a seminar entitled Sustainable Development by Recycling Business and IT.

The seminar presented by Prof. Dr. Alaa Talal Yassin pointed to the possibility of implementing some of his sustainable development goals by creating job opportunities for young people in small and medium enterprises, and by investing in recycling and the use of information technology.

The seminar focused on textile recycling through clothing and plastic recycling through plastic and explained the environmental impact, plastic, and tissue invasion and serious threats, and some computer, web, and mobile applications that employ the success of recycling projects in the Arab world and internationally.

The seminar presented the experiences of some countries, such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, India, Korea, and Australia in the field, and clarified the main processes of plastic recycling, the projects that can be accomplished, and the prices of machines at the facility to prepare feasibility studies by young people wishing to invest in recycling projects in Iraq.