Iraq participates in the International community on the day of communications and Informatics society by a virtual celebration held by the University of Information Technology and Communications, it’s the fifth conference held in celebration of this anniversary entitled “Accelerating the digital transformations in the hard times”. The ceremony is attended by the MOHESR consultant, the general director of research and development, the general director of studies and planning, and professionals and scientists from international universities. The UOITC chancellor Professor Abbas Albakry in his talk in the forum celebration addresses the necessity of digital transformations especially in the continuity of the pandemic of COVID-19 and responding to the objectives of sustainable development 2030 and the plan to enter a better-unristricted world. His excellency continued that UOITC maintained the continuity of holding this activity simultaneously to share the international community their day(WTISD) which held annually on May 17. The General Secretary of International Communications Mr.Holen Jaw in his speech in the Forum said: The Informatics society has emerged as one of the main frontier defense lines against COVID-19 pandemic, hid excellency continued in 2021 International Union of Communications and Informatics will continue to unify the whole universe toward achieving the international digital transformations in whole life fields.