The University of Information technology and Communications and Al-Esraa University College have concluded a memorandum of understanding based on mutual interest in deepening the development of scientific cooperation and academic exchange. The memorandum of understanding was signed between Mr. Dr. Abbas Mohsen Al Bakri and Dean of Al Asra University College asst. Prof. Dr. Abdulrazak Algebra Al-Maj.

It aims to promote academic, scientific, and research cooperation and mutual understanding between the University and the College. These include the exchange of visits by faculty and researchers, and cooperation in the coordination of programs, exchange experience, and knowledge to open new joint disciplines and programs, promote scientific cooperation in community service programs, continuing education and training.

It included “Strengthening joint cooperation in research projects, cooperation in the organization of conferences, symposiums, and workshops. sharing knowledge sources and e-education, as well as collaborating in the development of academic programs and plans, curricula, and encouragement and encouraging the use of scientific and academic expertise between the parties.

The memorandum states that “joint software development teams on both sides are formed to develop and maintain software systems and conduct joint research between the two parties. From both parties, cooperation in graduate perspectives, summer training for preliminary study between the parties and coordination for the nomination of experts by both Universities to be members of the Scientific Promotions Committee “and other items aimed at mutual desire on both sides to deepen and develop relationships and the development of scientific cooperation and academic exchange.

Professor Abbas Mohsen Al-Bakri presented the University Shield to the Dean of the University College of Al-Asra, Assistant Professor Dr. Abdulrazak Gabr Al-Majdi valuing his efforts in promoting academic cooperation to serve the educational process in Iraq.