To a drug – free Homeland, Biomedical Informatics Makes a Stage Show Called Chronic Death

The University’s Faculty of Biomedical Informatics presented a play entitled “Chronic Death” to raise awareness of the dangers of alcoholism, drugs and smoking.

The play was presented in collaboration with the Theatre Clinic and through a group of young Iraqi artists. It addressed the dangers of addiction and its impact on youth and society, and how to address this phenomenon that is killing young Iraqis.

The play was written and directed by Dr. Jabbar Khamat, who seeks to harness the art of acting on stage, in the psychological and social treatment of patients, especially victims of Iraq’s long wars, by launching the “Theatre Clinic” project, similar to the medical clinic where the doctor treats his patients.

For his part, University President Professor Abbas Mohsen al-Bakri commended this initiative and the great efforts of Dr. Jabbar Khamat and his team in raising awareness and saving young people from the spectre of addiction.