The College of Engineering at the University of Information technology and Communications held its electronic conference for computing applications and technologies with the participation of researchers from different countries of the world. The conference was organized in cooperation with the University of Suffolk and the University of Abertay, Britain and Sponsored by the International Publishing Corporation The Institute of Electrical   and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the conference included the participation of a researcher from different countries, including (America, Germany, Britain, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, India, Rwanda,,  Philippines, and Bangladesh).
There were local and international evaluators for research from different countries with various specializations of artificial intelligence and systems control.The Dean of the College of Engineering, Dr. Muayyad Abdul Redha Sahib, said, “The conference held by the college took place with the participation of international researchers and with solid projects and research, as well as in cooperation with the British Universities of Suffolk and Abertay , and under the auspices of the international publishing house IEEE, and with this scientific cooperation we were able to build prestigious universities and we will complete the journey together .  
The President of the University, Prof. Dr. Abbas Mohsen Al-Bakri, pointed out that such discreet scientific conferences add to the university a lot. He praised the efforts of the Faculty of Engineering in opening scientific horizons in discreet international universities and global publishing institutions through the establishment of such discreet scientific forums that benefit the scientific process in our country