With the beginning of the new academic year.. the University Council stresses the presentation of the vaccination card and the commitment to work
The Council of the University of Information Technology and Communication , headed by the President of the University, “Prof. Dr. Abbas Mohsen Al-Bakri”, held its session with the start of the new academic year 2021-2022, to follow up on the completion of the university’s preparations to receive its students.
The Council stressed the need to provide the appropriate atmosphere for students and create an appropriate scientific atmosphere, while the President of the University stressed the importance of the meeting of professors with students at the beginning of the new academic year and to spread positive morale and provide them with motivation.
Emphasis was also placed on the follow-up of in-person and virtual lectures according to the previously announced schedule by all heads of departments and deanships of faculties, periodic follow-up of laboratories, identification of needs, observance of health distancing during lectures and following up on the attendance and departure of staff by the deans.
The Council announced that next Sunday, 2021/10/17university employees and students will enter by presenting the vaccination card or submitting a new negative smear every week, according to ministerial directives.
While the council urged everyone to participate in volunteer work, and to highlight the students’ skills and hobbies by participating in cultural festivals and various scientific and intellectual competitions.