The Institute of Informatics for Graduate Studies and the University of Information Technology and Communications hosted the founder of the Iraqi House of Creativity, Hisham Al-Thahabi.

The Dean of the Institute, D. Suha Muhammad Hadi during her welcoming speech to Al-Thahabi said, “The institute has always supported the creative, distinguished and excelling in various humanitarian and scientific fields to create a spirit of creativity and competition among its students and professors, and to reflect the true image of the Iraqi society in science and social solidarity, including Mr. Hisham Al-Thahabi, who took a great deal of Iraq’s love because of his success in sponsoring orphans and creating a generation that included many graduates and innovators in various disciplines.

For his part, Al-Thahabi praised the Institute of Informatics for Graduate Studies and their support for youth energies, stressing the need to continue working to achieve success and reach what a person can dream of through determination and determination, provided that life obstacles do not hinder our legitimate dreams of creating creativity and excellence.

While the teaching staff at the University of Baghdad and the consultant in psychology, Ms. Dr. Azhar Muhammad Majeed said, “The Iraqi society today is in dire need of personalities who work to create a spirit of love and social solidarity, and that Al-Thahabi, during his years of work in the field of orphan sponsorship, achieved what large government institutions could not and is still continuing his work despite all obstacles, calling for the need to work on Investing the positive energies within each individual in society and working to elevate the society intellectually, humanly and scientifically in order to provide a suitable environment for all members of Iraqi society on various levels.