The University of Information Technology and Communications, represented by Professor Abbas Mohsen al-Bakri, Dean of the Institute of Informatics for Higher Studies and Dean of the Business Information School, hosted the Zahra University Girls’ Delegation, which belongs to the Holy Shrines .

The University held a joint meeting with the delegation, led by the President of the University , Dr. Zainab Al-Sultani, during which it was agreed to establish ways of joint cooperation between the two universities making use of its expertise in informatics, medical and engineering techniques, in the faculties and disciplines of the University as well as in the disciplines of the university as well as its faculty and scientific staff.

During the meeting, the demands of the labour market were highlighted and the experience of world universities in informatics was sought for the opening of colleges with a high level of competence and national scientific expertise. In addition, global capacities and expertise have been used to keep pace with recent developments in this area.

The delegation confirmed to girls the possibility of holding joint cooperation notes with the University and its faculties and drawing on the scientific experience and expertise it possesses, commending the role played by the University in the field of informatics and medical, technical and engineering systems.